The Soaps

Don’t watch them anymore.
Haven’t for over a decade.
But upstairs, the TV was on from morning and there on the screen was a bunch of soapy stars partying in that Christmas way that only soapy stars can do.
The lighting is warm and fuzzy.
All the beautiful people are in buttery cashmere.
And there’s the token drunk Character dressed like santa’s elf. And another like Santa himself.
I love it.
The way each of the ten parties each of the characters attend is more like a wedding than anything else.
It’s not enough to make me start watching them.
But it made me smile.

One of the radio stations here was asking people to call in and tell if they had ever received a Christmas bonus at work.
Like only a Pittsburgher could, some guy said, “Chrismas bonus. Yinz guys crazy in ‘at? Most yer gonna get in the burgh is a slap on the back and a canned ham in ‘at. Bonus, my ass.”
This too made me smile.

Unfortunately for me I’ve never worked in a field where bonuses are given. Education is not rife with incentives.

But, if my book sells by Christmas. That will be a hell of a bonus.
That is one of my favorite fantasies. The perfect Christmas gift.

How about you? What are you wishing for this season?

5 thoughts on “The Soaps

  1. Great wish and I hope it comes true for you Kathie. 🙂 My only wish for this year came true, taking off work and spending time with my Sweetheart. Go to the movies, watch movies at home and just hang out. And, oh yeah, this year we will finally go to see the “Zoo Lights”…Looking forward to that. 😛

    BTW – have new URL with my own domain 😀

  2. I hope you get your book published too! That’s so wonderful. I talk about writing and other people actually write. I need to get with the program.

    My Christmas wish? Wow…I have just about everything…I think I would just wish that my children remain happy and productive because that makes me happy. I’ve very low maintenance and so material things don’t faze me in the least (except for diamonds…I do adore diamonds)

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