Christmas Returns…

That’s right, a small miracle in the Shoop home. I actually wrapped presents, decided I bought too many for my Jake and returned some! This is not normal behavior for me.

Usually I rationalize how I could give him the extra gifts sometime during the year.

Why go through the trouble?

Because it was nothing he asked for and wouldn’t know the difference and the excess is disgusting.

Not that I’ve cut away the fat completely. Let’s not get crazy.

But I’m glad I did.

I think I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve returned things in my life.

My friend and I are thinking about a way to involve our kids in charity as they get older.

Some kind of way that kids do something for other kids.

To somehow balance out all the gifts we get and give.

So they understand how lucky we are.

Just to have been born to the families we were.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Returns…

  1. Here’s an idea…however many gifts your kids are going to get for Christmas, they have to give that many of their current toys away before the holidays, to charity. And they can’t be cruddy broken toys, though they don’t have to be favorites. Helps cut down on clutter too.

  2. Great Idea Brooke,
    we do something like that, though not a perfect one to one match. Beth keeps asking if the kids are going to take her polly pockets…funny what her perspective is on giving gifts away at this point.

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