So, Halloween was fun…But not a good post for Bill to read…Very grumpy wife

Despite my disliking Halloween so much, the kids had a blast. They couldn’t have been more thrilled if the neighbors were giving out $100 bills. In fact I’m sure they wouldn’t have been.

And dear Bill has built an extra roomy doghouse for himself after being grumpy Friday, Saturday, playing golf all day Sunday (after I asked him to specify whether I should do work Sat. or Sun. and he said either…and I got no work done because he claims he doesn’t remember the conversation) and missing Halloween for the Steelers game. “Work,” he says and that’s fine, but certain things are not acceptable to miss unless you’re doing surgery, in surgery, or coaching in the game…And if you’re gone all week, for work even, you should be psyched to be with your kids and wife for the 36 hours you’re going to spend with them–36 hours over the whole week, that is.

Enough of that…Bill’s not feeling well…no, he’s not massively hung over after the nail biter Steelers game, he doesn’t drink…just a little virus he says, all bundled under the covers…

I’m not sympathetic at all right now…and he deserves some, I’m sure. But every week I feel like he feels now, for at least 24 hours (interferon injections) and guess how much sympathy I get? That’s right housespouses… none. At least none that’s unsolicited. I love him lots and feel bad that I can’t locate my supply of sympathy, but it has been one of those weeks.

Back to the title of my post…the first part…Halloween was really fun for the kids.

They were excited all day, leaping around, obnoxious with overflowing energy.
Faces lit up with the joy of gathering as much candy as possible before their little legs gave out.
I love it when they’re like that.
But it would have been more fun to see it with Bill…Oh shit, back to that. Yes, he hates me some times because I can’t let things go…not the things related to the kids anyway. Keeps things fresh. So when we like each other again, it’s as though we’re meeting for the first time…hehehe…kidding…neither one of us is romantic at all…just wait for the March post about our tenth anniversary…you’ll see how frighteningly unromantic we are…stay tuned….

PS…my babysitter canceled so no update on my nanowrimo word count…I’ll squeeze it in after the kids are in bed, the house is clean, I’ve mopped Bill’s feverish brow….

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