Individual Sports and Holistic Education Articles…


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I actually have two articles in this issue…here’s one of them..the editor’s choice no less. Not to brag or anything…really, but who will tell you if I don’t???? Thanks for caring.

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6 Responses to Individual Sports and Holistic Education Articles…

  1. I want an article in Pittsburgh Parent…but alas…I don’t want to move to Pittsburgh.

    Perhaps I’ll start my own magazine. The Sun Roasted Rural Nevada Housewife. My first article will be entitled, “It’s hot, ain’t it?”

  2. Julie Long says:

    Congrats Kathie! Two articles in one issue — WOOOHOOO!!!

  3. kathie says:

    Hi Julie, thanks so much! Hope you’re doing well.


  4. kathie says:

    Thanks for checking in Cindy! I appreciate the support.
    Becky, I love the Sun Roasted Rual Nevada Housewife!!! There’s magic in that idea. BTW, you could submit a witty, edgy humorous essay to Pittsburgh Parent as they have writers from all over the US…or an article on roasting in the Nevada sun. Either one would work. Order a free copy off their website and see…your funniness will fit right in.

  5. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on the 2 articles…you didn’t mention you had 2 (especially editor’s pick!) in one issue! You rock, sister!!! I really enjoyed the article…especially now that Jack is going to be 4, the whole mom’s group is telling me that if he doesn’t start soccer now, he will be sooooo behind. I have a feeling that he will be okay no matter what sport he chooses and when he starts. Right?!

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