Fat Friday Update…

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Ugh, it’s here, Friday and the shot of my fat knee. I can’t disappoint, right? I know there are scores of fans out there awaiting the next flabby shot. Well, I’ve lost nine pounds so far. And you know you’re fat when the loss of nine pounds DOESN’T yeild wide-eyed gasps of "Oh you’ve lost weight!"


Honestly, I hate those declarations. Oh, yes, I offer them to others, as well. We just can’t stop the words from flowing from our mouths like the frosting out of an overstuffed Pittsburgh Creme Donut.

And truthfully–since it’s ugly Friday, I have to be honest–no one gives a damn that losing weight may make the losee more healthy. It’s all about the way the person looks.

That they look better.

My favorite is when the weight losee starts to lose too much and everyone starts huddling up discussing how he/she is taking things to far…

Well of course. The fawning compliments (subtext being: thank God your fat ass is finally smaller) are heroin to the fatso. There’s nothing like it.

So, there’s the grumpy Fat Friday post.


8 thoughts on “Fat Friday Update…

  1. And I do mean thanks…I really need to do this for my health and appearance–I’m guilty on the appearance thing as much as anyone…just an observation of the way the weight frenzied world works.

  2. Losing 9 pounds is terrific! I’m happy for you — whether it’s for your health or looks or whatever reason.

    You may feel like those knees look fat, but I detect a bit of muscular tone in that photo…!

  3. Jaye, that’s what I keep telling myself–no time like the present. YOur headshot will be fantastic!

    Cindy, you crack me up–there is no question I have some muscle. Even when I was skinny, I weighed more than I looked. But now I’ve allowed my weight cushion to overfloweth! Thanks, though.

  4. I hear you on the need to lose the pounds but, you must remember you are beautiful person from the inside out and that counts so much more. You will be back to your skinny self in no time. Now if only I was as dedicated I would join you.

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