Price is Right?

I heard clips from an interview with Bob Barker regarding the possibility of Rosie O’Donnel doing Price is Right.  He said something to the effect that “He thought Rosie could definately do it.”

Do what, exactly?  Say “come on down” and “spin the wheel, Shirley?”

In the recesses of our minds, most of us view the business of being a personality as darn close to lounging in the sand at the beach–in the enlightened parts of our brains, we realize it’s more complicated than that.

But seriously–there’s a reason Bob could do his job until he turned ninety.  He doesn’t even have to introduce the merchandise for the audience.  Several broads caress it lovingly while a disembodied voice describes each bottle of motor oil as though you can’t find one in the local hardware store.

Can Rosie do the job?  Yes.  So can my five year old son.  Where do we sign up?


10 thoughts on “Price is Right?

  1. Can’t imagine it for any game show. I couldn’t help but think if it was Vanna White who retired. Rosie manhandling those letters with a big goofy grin on her face? Shudder.

  2. I’ve actually heard of The Price is Right, but pride myself on never once having seen this show. Life is just too short and time is just too precious. Though I would probably give in and watch this if someone paid me to do it — and boy, the price really would have to be right…

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