Ah Jeeze Phil, was it hard yesterday???

It’s supposed to be, my friend.  Isn’t it?

I know, I’m being hard on an injured golfer, but really, this isn’t his first loss, his first tournament.  He ought to know better than to whine about a course on national television.  Seriously, that’s what family is for–to absorb all the bitching so you can come across as dignified and poised.  What the hell are you thinking?

Okay, I like Phil so I’m just trying to help him with his PR (he can reach me through the guy coordinating the standard bearers to thank me once he chills the hell out).  I love the way his family comes first for him, he seems to have golf and fame in perspective which is priceless in this era of self-important athletes, but please, he lost his mind yesterday.  I suppose he should be forgiven.

Tiger is my favorite.  It seems as though people are split fifty-fifty on him.  But as far as I’m concerned, anyone who’s the best at what they do is fascinating.  You’re the single greatest plumber to snake a pipe?  I’m amazed.  The greatest housepainter?  You got me.  I just don’t understand how people can hold his greatness against him?  I never watched two seconds (without being tied into a chair) of golf before Tiger came along.  He’s made it as exciting as it could possibly be. 

With that said, he did make me chuckle when he was stepping up to tee off that first day I took the kids (Thurs.) he stepped away and reprimanded the photographers for snapping away.  I wanted to shout, “Hey Tiger, toughen up buddy.  You have no idea how close you are to having one of these kids I brought bellow out about some unknown, until it’s out of their mouth, thing.”  Seriously, we were right on the rope, there were photographers with their giant cameras right in front of me.  The sound amounted to nothing more than a soft drone of crickets–that’s background noise, baby.  But who am I to mess with genius, right?

I’ll give the report from the porch later!  I am kidless!

4 thoughts on “Ah Jeeze Phil, was it hard yesterday???

  1. I gotta say playing golf would be tortuous for me (and for anyone with me – can you say, murder by a nine iron?), but you are making it fun for me. Thanks for sharing the human and humorous elements at our fine Open. BTW, my mom told me Tiger’s wife is due any day now with their first child. I think he’ll find out how distracting kid noise can be very soon. Heh, heh.

  2. I haven’t been following the Open and would have great difficulty doing so, not understanding golf, so I don’t know who it was that whined about the course. I suspect that if I had to play golf I would whine too, and like Susan, it’d be rough on whoever had to play with me…

  3. Wow, front row seats (sorta) and now kidless. I’m not sure which I’d be more excited about. Probably the kid thing. Mine are going to grandma’s next week and I can hardly wait.

    Golfers are funny about the whole noise thing. I had to do a photo shoot of Peter Jacobsen years back and he knew we were supposed to be there, shooting HIM, and he still got annoyed. Nice guy though…

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