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I heard two good Steelers Nation stories in the last 24 hours.  One was from a neighbor at a formal event we attended.  He did some research in Nepal 15 years ago.  He was told to bring stuff to barter with while staying there.  He thought a Pittsburgh Steeler tossle cap would carry a lot of weight.  As he shoved his way out of the bus, hoping to get to the Sherpa first, he was stunned to see the guy wearing a battered Steelers Tossle cap. 

The other story was in the paper.  Some guy watching the superbowl in a Turkish bar with a few colleagues and a slew of Turkish men who only allowed them in the bar because the guy knew the Turkish word for friend…By the end of the game they knew the word touchdown.  When he goes back he’s taking terrible towels for the bar…love those stories.

4 thoughts on “Steelers Nation

  1. Love the stories; I read about the Pittsburghers in the Turkish bar, too.

    Hey, did you see the ice dancing last night? Omigod (or WTF, as some might prefer)! Spins out of control, skaters crashing to the ice, glares that could kill between skating partners when all went awry. And then the top American pair kicked butt! Whoa. So much drama and it wasn’t until AFTER Gray’s Anatomy. What could be better than that? Can’t wait to see the program tonight.

  2. how about, on our honeymoon in new zealand in 2001, we went on a dolphin cruise off the bay of islands in the north. this big maori guy named ruhari was in charge of the cruise and asking everyone, so where are you from? we said, the US…he said, where? we said pittsburgh, pennsylvania. and he says (in a maori accent, of course)…go steelers, mean joe greene, steel curtain. that was SOOOOOOO funny!

  3. Oh you Steelers fan(atics)! My husband loves to talk about what poor losers the Seahawks are and the complaining about the reff-ing and such. I think it’s just a passive-aggressive way to gloat. I love that Sherpa story, though. I gotta tell him about that…

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