…sorry to harp on education.
But I just read an article in the Post Gazette about the different ways Pittsburgh Public is trying to save the district money.
A good thing in general.
However, one of their grand plans is to have teachers forgo use of COFFEE MAKERS.
Yes, this is being batted around as reasonable.

I once worked in a school where if more than one teacher on the same floor used their coffee maker the lights would go out. No kidding.

They ought to just set up stationary bikes for teachers and students to use and link them to the electricity.

They’d save money and combat obesity in adults and children at one time.

Gotta go submit that idea to the super…catch you later.

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  1. LOL @ the stationary bikes. If my work tried to take coffee away from me, it wouldn’t be pretty. I’m afraid you might be reading about a professor gone mad.

  2. Coffee makers???? I am curious to find out the other ideas they have to save the school district money. Since I am working in PG County PS, maybe Pittsburgh Public might have some good ideas for us. But I doubt it…the coffee maker idea sucks!

  3. That’s crazy. They could always try firing the football coach. But that would probably never happen. The district where I was teaching hired a new football coach for more than the highest teacher’s salary. And, no, he didn’t have to teach or anything–just coach a football team with a 100% loss record. Years later, we finally won state in our division. Of course, the division only contains twelve school districts, so what does that really say? And some mentioned that a few kids’ athletic scholarships were depending on it. Terrific. But what about all the many, many kids up for academic scholarships? After the coach was hired, the district went through a rough time financially. Rather than get rid of the coach or hire someone more affordable, they downsized teachers, and class sizes went up accordingly. That’s when I left. Of course, there were other issues, too. I live in a very religious state, and there were serious issues with the lack of separation between religion and educational policy. Oh, well. Now that I don’t have to grade papers, go to meetings, or plan lessons, I can work on my novels instead!

  4. Hi Caryn,

    I totally understand feeling like teaching has less and less to do with teaching and more to do with paperwork and other crappy stuff. I haven’t been a classroom teacher in a while, but I’m still in there on a very very part time basis working with teachers…you can imagine that story line!

    It’s funny, I love sports and football especially, but I can’t help but choke a little when the districts around here lay $100,000 astroturf and then complain teachers get paid too much…oh well.

    Thank God for writing is my motto too. Here’s hoping we find publishers this year!

  5. Lisa,
    glad you’re still in the trenches on behalf of the rest of us…I’ll let you know if Roosevelt dreams up any more money saving gems.

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