Jaye Said…

She’d like to be more like Martha Stewart, but thinks she comes out more on the side of Lucille Ball.

Well, that just happens to be the way the authors of Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life characterize their book.

And though we’re going to start from the beginning of the book in January, I am trying to bring you bits and pieces of it until we ring in the new year. Because I’m so busy, as everyone in the world is, I was only able to cull a couple of tidbits from the November and Getting Started sections of Judy’s and Mary Jo’s book.

Christmas Luminaries–Judy and Mary Jo garnered this suggestion from someone whom I can’t remember and I can’t find my book, right now to credit her…but it’s in there if you need to find it…Anyway, instead of using paper bags, candles and sand you can purchase ball jars, put cranberries in the bottom of them to secure the candles and light them up.

I love that idea and it sounds so much safer than bags with fire inside them…prettier too. Let me know if you try it.

The other suggestion I thought was great and will use is this: clementine crates…buy them and put little odds and ends in them. Because they’re stackable, they’re particulary useful and easy to employ as a clutter catchall.

That’s it for this month…no disrespect to Judy and Mary Jo…this is just all I can manage this month. January is my start date to really use the book to alter my organizational life. Anyone up for joining me?

6 thoughts on “Jaye Said…

  1. You mean there’s help for me? Sounds like a great book. I would ask for it for Christmas, but looks like it will come in handy in the next few weeks as I frantically try to create some holiday spirit around here. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Okay- Mimi’s tips for the car in the winter. Hold your laughs Kathie. Always have extra fruit snacks, bottled water, blanket, socks, and gloves in the car. It goes without saying that windshield wiper fluid and a snow scraper are in the back of the car, too.
    Happy Turkey day tomorrow!

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