My thoughts and prayers are with…

the folks in Louisiana and surrounding areas. Mother nature is indeed a stunning force that always causes me to question whether I’m giving enough to the world at large because in the end life is so short.
For now, our kids come first, what better gift to the world than compassionate, smart people, but then I think of all the things Bill and I used to do to help people before the kids were born and it brings me down.
They were all small things, working directly with a few families and people, but we saw the results of our interactions on their faces and in their homes. We still do what we can, but it’s not the same. I know someday, when the kids are little older we can do more…til then…

I took a quiz that discerned the type of sense of humor I have.
According to the test, I am slayed by clean, spontaneous, dark humor. Exactly.
According to my sister-in-law, I’m just a jerk.
Not her words and not what she means exactly…but my siblings, father and grandmother find nothing funnier than a fall down some steps,
we don’t mean to laugh, it simply, comes.
Said sister-in-law thinks justice will only be served if one of us meets our demise in some type of “funny” falling/tripping/ embarrassing accident. She may get her wish as my having multiple sclerosis causes my leg
to drag unexpectedly when running…I have yet to see someone busting a gut from seeing me fall, but I always laugh, after I check for injuries that is. I never can erase the image of what I must have looked like out of my mind.

This brings me to last nights television viewing: Entourage and The Comeback. Entourage was okay, but because it was so great all season, it’s held to an incredibly high standard…so last night it was only okay. Jeremy Piven rocks–no one funnier on TV, but some of the humor is slipping where “the boys” are concerned. Bag the Mandy Moore brooding thing for the love of God, please.

The Comeback is getting better and better or it’s simply sinking into my psyche, like a song you can’t get out of your mind. It made me laugh out loud a few times, but most notably the end when Valerie socked the Grande Obnoxious Pauly G. in the belly causing him to throw up the entire pizza he wolfed down, which in turn made Valerie puke. It makes me laugh even now. Good stuff. At least my humor is clean…I have that…

So how does all this fit with the fact I can’t pass a homeless person on the street without giving him money, have housed homeless folks under my front porch, bought really bad, but very doted upon artwork from the homeless? Could it be the universe compelling me to make up for laughing at the guy who took a spill with five bags of groceries in his arms. In front of the girl he was on a first date with… Maybe I am a jerk.